Web Designing Online Training Course

  • Course Duration30 Days
  • Course Start16 Jul 2018
  • Course Fee 320


Web Designing--When you talk about it, we can say what separates design from art is that -Design is meant to be functional. Websites should look good inside out. A good Web Design attracts today's tech savvy consumers. The goal of UI/UX design strategies is to drive the user through a series of steps to perform an intended action, such as buying a product, signing up for email blasts, or creating a profile. Any site that is too complex and difficult will definitely push away online traffic. The use of effective and simple user interface design will be of immense help in achieving the objectives of a website. A good user interface not only increases the site usability but also leads to the smooth completion of any task at hand thereby making everything enjoyable and flexible as per the requirements of users. Even if any website has amazing graphics with all the glitter and lightening, it will definitely fail to generate considerable online traffic and provide enhanced user experience to the visitors in the absence of proper functionality.

Designing the User interface requires a blend of both creativity and technology. The job to design a website that is both functional and appealing to the front-end user requires a little understanding of human psychology alongside a degree in technology.

Jobs in the UI domain basically require skills such as JQuery, CSS/CSS3, HTML5 alongside proficiency in design programs, including Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Keeping in view the increased job market for the web designers and UI developers InnLearn is offering a course in UI/UX and Web Designing platforms covering the mentioned skills. We assure a quality training from experienced faculty.



  •          Overview of Web and Internet
  •          Differnece between Languages and Scripts
  •          Client side and Server side Programming
  •          What is HTML?
  •          Versions of HTML
  •          Structure Of HTML
  •          How html content is transferring data between browser and server
  •          Types of Webpages
  •          Introduction To Doctypes


  •          Types of tags
  •          Explanation about html, head and body tags
  •          Input controls and attributes
  •          How to divide web page with div tag
  •          Formating Tags
  •          Link Tags
  •          How to create order list and unordered list
  •          Table tag
  •          Form tag
  •          Frame Tag
  •          How to provide Meta key words
  •          What is Meta Description?


  •          What is attribute?
  •          Attributes of html controls


  •          What is event and how to use?
  •          Dynamic html with events


  •          What is style object?
  •          Properties of style
  •          Applying styles to elements       
  •          Changing style properties with events

Advanced HTML

  •          How to embed the external plug-in in html document
  •          How can we display videos on browsers using html tags?
  •          How to embed external web pages in html page
  •          Resolving cross browser issues.
  •          What is new in HTML5?

HTML 5 tag reference-XHTML


  •          What is CSS?
  •          Advantages of CSS
  •          Why CSS?
  •          Syntax and Anotomy of CSS

Types of Stylesheets

  •          External style sheet
  •          Internal style sheet
  •          Inline style

Types of Selectors

  •          Global
  •          Class
  •          Id
  •          Grouped
  •          Descendant

Div’s & Span tags

  •          Background
  •          background-color
  •          background-image
  •          background-repeat
  •          background-attachment
  •          background-position


  •          font-family
  •          color
  •          font-size
  •          font-style
  •          font-variant
  •          font-weight


  •          letter-spacing
  •          Word-spacing
  •          line-height
  •          text-decoration
  •          text-transform
  •          vertical-align


Introduction to javascript

  •   Introduction of client side script
  •          Introduction of javascript
  •          Cross browser issues.
  •          Declaration syntax of javascript
  •          Statements
  •          Comments
  •          Popup Boxes
  •          Alert
  •          Confirm
  •          Prompt
  •          Variables, Arrays and Operators
  •          Variables
  •          Operators
  •          Arithmetic
  •          Assignment
  •          Comparison
  •          Logical

Document object model

  •          Functions and types
  •          Conversion functions

Conditional statements

  •          if
  •          if…else
  •          if…else if…else
  •          Switch


  •          while
  •          do…while
  •          for
  •          for…in Statement
  •          Break
  •          Continue

Window object Document object Arrays

  •          Associative Arrays
  •          Array Properties and Methods

Advanced JavaScript

  •          Date object
  •          This object
  •          Event object
  •          State managament
  •          Cookie
  •          Form validation
  •          Expressions
  •          Email validation
  •          Dynamic functionalities of html controls

Introduction to Jquery  

Trainer Details

Having 10+ years of experience in related Industry. 

Involved in the development of test cases  executing the test cases.

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