Selenium WebDriver Online Training Course

  • Course Duration45 Days
  • Course Start16 Jul 2018
  • Course Fee 350


As most of the businesses today are completely reliant on the internet, the accuracy of the web applications used by them is highly important, and that is possible only when rigorous testing is done on the functioning of the web applications failing which, a small error in the code can lead to a disastrous loss to the concerned company. After all, at the end of the day, it is the success rate of the software application which is going to control your business growth. 

Earlier web applications were tested manually by the QA testers, in every environment, using a different data set and the success or failure of every transaction is to be recorded. This time consuming and tedious task may lead to the testers boredom and hence pave way to the errors being over looked. Here arises the need for automation in testing. 

Automation testing is more accurate, much faster, needs less investment in human resource, makes it possible to frequent executions, supports regression and functional testing. The most trending test automation tool for web applications is Selenium. 

Selenium is a powerful yet open source testing platform that is being used extensively by some of the largest corporations in the world. It has some distinct advantages like an efficient way to generate test scripts, reusing the scripts, validating functionality and automating the test process and remote testing the software codes. It allows testers to write code in 7 different programming languages like Java, Python, C#, PHP, Ruby, Perl and JavaScript. It is not limited to, any environment and it allows testers to perform tests on various operating systems such as windows , Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Testing can be done on different web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers

This Training Course helps you to take up jobs as  Selenium Testing professionals for very good pay packages taking your career to the next level. 


Features of Java 

Sample Java Program 

Class and object 

Constructor and Overloading 



Access specifiers

Exception Handling

Project Setup in Eclipse

Why we go for Automation

When we go for Automation

Types of Automation Tools

WebDriver Introduction

Advantages of WebDriver


Selenium IDE, RC and Webdriver

Downloading and configuring webdriver in eclipse

WebDriver Interface

Accessing Multiple browsers using WebDriver

  1.  Mozilla Firefox
  2.  Internet Explorer
  3.  Google Chrome

Close and Quit methods in Webdriver

Firefox and Firebug setup in Firefox

Identifying WebElements using id, name, linkname, class, xpath, tagnameetc

What is Xpath

XPath Introduction and all methods

Making your own xpaths without firebug

Handling Submit Buttons  with example

Handling Links  with example

Handling Input box  with example

Handling Combo Boxes with Example

Handling Checkbox with example

Handling Radio buttons

Handling Multiple Windows with example

Handling Frames & Nested Frames  with example

Handling WebList with Example

Handling DoubleClick with Example

Handling Drag & Drop with example

Handling Keyboard Actions

Handling Mouse Actions

Capturing screenshots with WebDriver

Implicit waits 

Expliclit Waits With Example

Importing AutoIT  into Eclipse Environment using JOCOB

Using AutoIT API  

Configuring Hub and Nodes

Executing webdriver scripts in Hub and nodes


Creating Test Scenarios in organized manner in a Excel sheet 

Executing Test Scenarios in Excel sheet (or Database) by using JDBC-ODBC connection

Developing keywords with selenium methods

Updating the Test Results after executing each test scenario

Capturing screenshots of the failed TestCases

Implementing Junit—Java Client Driver Framework 

Integrating AutoIT tool with framework

Handling Basic and Advanced operations in Framework

Implementing TestNg Data Provider

Creating Multidimensional test data

Creating Test Scripts with multiple sets of Data

Creating Page Objects 

Creating WebDriver Utilities

Creating Test Scripts 

Handling testdata

Implementing Log4j

Creating feature files

Creating step definitions

implementing page objects binding to step definitions

Integrating with maven


Introduction to Rest Services

Sample tests on Rest services

Automating Restful API's

Creating New Jobs

Integrating source codeversion control tool to Jenkins

Integrating maven project to Jenkins job

Email Notifications with Jenkins

Trainer Details

  • Having 8+ years of experience in selenium automation testing .
  • Having Good knowledge in performance testing using load runner.

Key Features

1. Affordable Course Fee

2. Flexible yet Structured Timings

3. Individual Student Services

4. Engaging, Interactive and Real-Time Learning Experience

5. On-Going Feedback and Assessments

6. Placement Assistance