In our earlier article, we have discussed the importance of automation in testing. When it comes to discussing about the best automation testing tool, we get to hear the name Selenium. What is this Selenium automation testing and why is it preferred for automation testing..let us know.

There are different places or different layers in a product in which you can begin testing a software. For each layer of software, there is a need to figure out appropriate tool for testing. Different layers in the sense, looking at smaller units, seeing how methods work together, looking for fully formed APIs, Testing simple scenarios in the UI, and complex usage of a product. All the layers are important. Testing the UI would help you know things from a different viewpoint...the users'.

The real events like entering text, clicking mouse or buttons and few more events from the keyboard are triggered by the WebDriver object. Each of these steps is a building block. Piled together they can make it possible for a technical team to do some potential things. Let us know why do we actually need to use a WebDriver.

Possibly the most common reason behind selecting Selenium suite of tools is to drive a specific set of commands and check the status of user logins, if the shopping cart is perfectly working or if a transaction is rightly processing. This also checks to make sure buttons or labels are present on a page, saving of date is done correctly, all the technical features of the software under test are working accurately, or number of other attributes of your product are functioning perfectly well. 

To make it simple, a WebDriver is used to ask questions which can be answered with yes or no. A WebDriver will generate a report with the number of declarations, the ones passing and failing, and where the errors occur. This process can be repeated number of times to discover problems after every step. Even though the testing is done with a binary result outcome, running them over and over again for few times will disclose important bugs that the scripts were not expecting. Humans may get bored and lose concentration when they have to repeat the same kind of job but scripts won't, they execute the same code any number of times with the same accuracy.   

Before taking up selenium as the testing tool, we need to check for few things. 1. What problem are we trying to solve? 2. Are your expectations appropriate for the work this tool can facilitate? Is this tool appropriate for your product and how your teamwork? Are we ready to build and support another software project?

These questions will help you figure out the motivation s behind the request. Knowing that will help set reasonable expectations for what you can do and help frame your achievements as a success.

Now you must be wondering when there are so many other automation tools which are free then why only selenium! Its Growing Browser Support, Large Support system and possibility to see the newest features available has made selenium the most sought for automation testing tool.