Digital Marketing ...Well!!...What is it all about?!?! Off late we are getting to hear this term very often.  Are you wondering what is this Digital Marketing and Who can do this or rather who can learn to do this?! This article is for you to understand and clarify your queries.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing, as the term suggests, is marketing any product or service through digital channels such as  Websites, Search Engines, Emails, Social Media and Mobile Apps. 

This covers a wide range of marketing activities, to list a few..we have Paid Marketing, Content Marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing etc.

Now as you came to know what is Digital Marketing, it's time to know, who can take up digital marketing. 

A passion and a desire to succeed is the basic requirement for entering any field. Along with this if you are having a creative spark in you with a slight stroke of logical thinking, you are IN into the most happening Digital Marketing Field. 

Yes.. you read it right!! There is no big academic qualification needed for anyone to pursue Digital Marketing as a career. Right from a person with basic education to a person with any kind of experience or background can take up digital marketing.  

To be a Digital Marketing Executive, you’ll require good communication abilities, technical sharpness, and additionally, an ability to understand how people use online channels- yet knowing how to draw attention is certainly the initial step. A Digital Marketing Executive must be innovative so that they can think of brilliant and novel internet marketing strategies to advertise an item.

It’s additionally essential to have a good understanding of the web, especially online networking so that you can comprehend what will be a smart and result-oriented thought, and what won’t work.

In case you’re imaginative, know basics of digital specifications, have communication abilities and appreciate working as a part of a group, you could make an awesome Digital Marketing Executive Career.

It would be an added advantage if you pursue a basic course in digital marketing which would cover all the marketing strategies listed above. 

So, remove all the myths and just take the first step towards digital marketing, no matter whichever field you belong to...Digital Marketing welcomes you.